Harbinger Land provides complete land services for your energy development projects.


Headquartered in New York City, our team consists of the highest caliber land agents capable of completing a wide range of services quickly and efficiently. We enable our team to do this while reducing time and costs for our clients by employing the best methods and technology platforms available. We are committed to meeting and exceeding client expectations while providing the best work experience possible for our team.


Harbinger Land is dedicated to providing unparalleled service for our clients. We are passionate about what we do and are constantly improving our methods and systems to improve client satisfaction.

Right-Of-Way Acquisition 

Our team can negotiate and acquire easement agreements and obtain the surface rights needed for rig or pipeline construction. We use highly integrated GIS modeling services to facilitate efficient easements that save clients time and money.

Title Research

Harbinger Land provides in-depth and accurate title research to enable our clients to confidently lease mineral rights and acquire interest in target areas. Our heavily refined procedures enable our team to work more efficiently than the competition and provide clients with detailed information in an easily digestible format. 


Our team is capable of compiling all pertinent data available in order to present an accurate representation of the title history for a specific piece of property. We have a wide array of formats in which we can provide this data in order to meet our client's unique needs.


Our GIS experts provide mapping services that give clients increased visibility into all aspects of a project. We integrate visual systems with a variety of databases to capture real-time information that enables faster, more accurate decision-making when you need it most.

Mineral Leasing & Acquisition

Harbinger Land secures accurate leases for its clients through diligent research and effective communication. We are capable of conducting preliminary title checks to determine ownership, then work with potential lessors in an open, transparent fashion to educate them about the benefit of domestic energy production.

Title Curative

Harbinger Land has both the internal and external resources to cure all title issues that are identified. We can assist property and mineral owners with all aspects of title curative to ensure a clean chain of title and accurate leasing for our clients.


Harbinger Land can digitize all the necessary property data to enable our landmen to perform title research and leasing in a much
more efficient and cost-effective manner. We also package this data for future use by our clients. 

Seismic Permitting

We're fully equipped to help you obtain proper authorization from landowners to conduct seismic testing on or across various pieces of property. Through this, we help you identify new opportunities for exploration and production. 

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Our core team has extensive experience in Oklahoma, Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Arizona, Nevada, California, New York, North Dakota, Kansas, Illinois, and Colorado in a wide range of land services.